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Recommended Resources


  • The Private Vocal Studio Handbook, Boytim
  • Kinesthetic Voice Pedagogy 2: Motivating Acoustic EfficiencyBozeman
  • Practical Vocal Acoustics, Bozeman
  • Singing and Teaching Singing, Chapman
  • Overtones of Bel Canto, Coffin
  • Anatomy Of The Voice, Dimon
  • The Functional Unity of the Singing Voice, Doscher
  • The Art of Singing, Hamady
  • Voice and the Alexander Technique, Heinrich
  • Respiratory Function in Singing: A Primer for Singers And Singing Teachers, Hixon
  • Singing & Imagination, Hemsley
  • A Modern Guide To Old World Singing, Jones
  • A Course In Phonetics, Ladefoged
  • 88 Keys to Successful Singing Performances:
    Audition Advice From One of America’s Top Vocal Coaches
    , Marks
  • Your Voice: An Inside View, McCoy
  • The Diagnosis and Correction of Vocal Faults, McKinney
  • One Voice, Melton
  • “Singing in Musical Theatre”, Melton
  • Singing with Your Whole Self, Nelson
  • Resonance In Singing, Donald Miller
  • A Systematic Approach to Voice: The Art of Studio Application, Ragan
  • The Structure Of Singing, Richard Miller
  • The Contemporary Singer, Peckham
  • Vocal Athlete, Rosenberg/LeBorgne
  • Complete Vocal Technique, Sandolin
  • The Naked Voice, Smith
  • Science of Singing, Sundberg
  • Everything Moves, Susan Lowell de Solórzano
  • Bel Canto, Stark
  • Sing Like Never Before, Stoney
  • Bodymind & Voice, Thurman/Welsh
  • Principles of Voice Production, Titze
  • Vocology, Titze/Verdolini
  • Singing From The Inside Out, Van Doorn
  • “Singing – The Mechanism and the Technic”, Vennard
  • Teaching Singing to Children and Young Adults, Williams

International Vocal Organizations

  • National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS)
  • Vocology in Practice (ViP)
  • Pan American Vocology Association
  • The Voice Foundation
  • Voice & Speech Trainers Association
  • ANATS – Australian National Association of Teachers of Singing
  • The AVA – Australian Voice Association
  • The BVA – British Voice Association
  • Chilean Chapter of PAVA
  • Musical Theatre Educators’ Alliance (MTEA)