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Maria Teresa Bertucci

Spanish Translations

Maria Teresa Bertucci, translator, singer-songwriter, and voice teacher.

Resources by Maria Teresa Bertucci

Maria Teresa Bertucci (she/her), translator, singer-songwriter, and voice teacher. She trained with NYVC in 2018 and has a background in Speech Therapy and Vocology. She has worked with singers and actors, as well as a Music Theater performer in Chile. She currently lives in Edinburgh and works as an in-house Spanish translator for Gear4Music, UK. She is part of the VocalPedagogy.com team since 2022, taking care of translating the website content into Spanish.

Other Team Members

Aramat Arnheim-Sharon

Aramat Arnheim-Sharon is a well-known voice coach located in Israel. She is the founder of ILVA - Israeli Voice Association - and also the Israeli Chapter for PAVA (Pan American Vocology association). 

Melissa Treinkman

Melissa Treinkman, DMA, is a singer and voice teacher based in Los Angeles. She is a professional opera singer and a passionate vocal technician. She is endlessly fascinated by vocal pedagogy and cherishes the opportunity that she has to help others experience vocal freedom.

Emily Erkman

Emily is honored to join this amazing team. For the past several years, Emily has owned and operated Colorado Voice Studios with locations in Denver, Grand Junction, Fort Collins, and Loveland. For her work on the production of Grease, she received the National Youth Arts Award for Outstanding Musical Direction.